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"The Man Who Put Color Back in Saudi Menswear" 

- Faiza Ambah , Washington Post

Yahya developed a love for literature and poetry, which eventually led him into journalism.In early 1986, Yahya discovered fashion and he grew to be so deeply passionate about the industry that he decided to try to make a career out of it, more importantly to bring the industry into the Saudi Kingdom.


Initially he studied in Italy from where he went to Paris, and it was at the Paris American Academy from which he graduated. A pivotal point in his career came when he was commissioned to designa dress for the late HRH Princess Diana. 


In 1990 he opened his Fashion House, Yahya Couture in Jeddah and this was where he initially restricted to designing bridal and woman’s evening wear couture. Soon after that he opened a men’s department and has recently ventured into children’s clothing.

Yahya Couture has become a thriving business largely reflecting it’s designer, Yahya’s own unique style, and character, which is inspired by his Arabic origins but have a shade of the global fashion’s cosmopolitan style.

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